Offset your carbon footprint

Every time we start collaborating with a new client, we plant a Sequoia tree with One Life One Tree. Plus, for every unit we manage we plant ten trees with the Eden Project.

Carbon offset
9 KG
500 units

One Life, One Tree

Over the period of 100 years, a grove of Sequoia trees captures up to 10x more CO2 per acre than natural UK woodland. The Giant Sequoia takes the title of the world’s largest tree species and fastest growing conifer.

After you start collaborating with Staykeepers, we take care of planting a Sequoia with One Life One Tree.

It’s that simple! You can even get your hands dirty and plant the tree yourself at the charity’s UK locations. Speak to the Staykeepers’ team for more information.

Eden Reforestation Project

With a mission to end extreme poverty and restore healthy forests, Eden Reforestation Projects have planted over 700 million trees creating over 7 million workdays for people all over the world.

For every unit that you allocate to Staykeepers for us to manage, we organise 10 trees to be planted with Eden Reforestation Projects.

Want to support the cause?

Complete the form below to get in touch with the Staykeepers team. You can make a direct purchase for One Life One Tree here, and Eden Reforestation Projects here.