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We provide access to over 400 marketing and distribution channels.

Staykeepers’ Uses Smart
Technology To Sell Empty Rooms.

Our technology and integrations mean we can access customers that would otherwise be expensive to reach for individual building operators. All you need to do is provide us with the available accommodation information from your Purpose Built Student Accommodation, University accommodation, Co-living or Build To Rent Development and we will do the rest.

Our pick and mix service means that you can find the product and service that works for your buildings.

Integrating with your systems

We seamlessly integrate with your internal system and external distribution channels.

Dynamic pricing

We bring together historical trends, live pricing data and our own proprietary technology. Delivering dynamic pricing and effective revenue management for your build to rent asset.

Your rooms on over 400 channels

We reach 400+ distribution channels through our integrations ensuring that your Build to Rent accommodation is shared with the widest possible audience

Choose Your Professional and
Personalized Service

We have a wide range of services available which support landlords to lease long and short stay contracts, helping to secure rooms from your existing customer base as well as opening up your rooms to new markets.

We include support and reporting as standard.

Simple Pricing Means You Only
Pay When Your Revenue Increases

We have a range of service packages based on your property requirements. Whether it is long-term referrals or a fully managed summer business programme - we create a product that fits you.

But we keep our pricing simple, with commission starting at 2.5-5% of revenue for long lets referrals to 20% if we take full management of a building in a short-term summer business model. All our packages are based on payment when a booking is secured.
So you can work with us safe in the knowledge that we only get paid when your revenue goes up.

How much can you increase your revenue by?

Try out our easy-to use calculator to work out how much your void assets could be worth. Simply input the figures - then get in contact so we can make your forecast a reality.

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Purpose Built Student
Accommodation (PBSA)

Having worked extensively with student accommodation operators, we understand the important of harmony, community, safety and security in your buildings

Thus we have a detailed and human led vertification service. If we sell your room, we ensure that they are who they say they are, that they can pay that they are eligible to stay in your property. We know that maintaining customer satisfaction of all you guests, long term and short term is vital to build reputation and repeat business - so we take this seriously.

Build to Rent

We create a stronger communities within your property to give you complete peace of mind. From expirience we know that each guest will have different budgets, axperience caters for these needs and our dynamic pricing system gets you the best available price for your room. Using historic trends, local and competitor pricing and advances financial modelling, we ensure that we sell rooms at a price that is attractive for customers and you.


Coliving is popular in major cities as a means of affordable living for students, workers or individuals relocating. With such a broad market, it can sometimes be difficult to find your ideal guest and fill your void rooms. That is where we come in, we reach 400+ distribution channels through our integrations ensuring that your accommodation is shared with the widest possible audience.

We understand your

We work in your sector. So we understand the unique challenges and requirements within PBSA, BTR and Multifamily and the need to maintain safety, security and an aligned community within your properties. That is why all our leads and leases are fully verified and fits the requirements of your building.

Every building is unique, like every customer. So we can build a product and package around your requirements. From providing referrals for long leases to offering full management of summer stays business for student accommodation operators - and everything in between.

You Increase Revenue,
We Take the Risk

We don't like void rooms and we know we can deliver. This means we don't need to ask for any upfront payment. We get paid when we increase your revenue and fill an otherwise empty room.