Furnish your apartments in days

We have partnered with Nickson, a Dallas-based start-up that fully furnishes apartments on demand. Save money and time whilst securing tenants!

Furnish with tenants in mind

Ever toured an apartment and fell in love with the show unit? Many tenants have. We understand that sometimes, hard to shift units are not due to floorplans being wrong or rooms being undesirable, it can be because the potential tenant is unable to visualize their new home.

What’s more, the partnership between Staykeepers and Nickson means that we can provide well designed, efficient, fully furnished apartments for your tenants for a fraction of the traditional cost and time associated with onboarding new spaces.

Everything except the kitchen sink

Our partner Nickson doesn’t just provide furniture such as beds and sofas, it delivers all the essentials too. Everything from extension cords to pots, pans, silverware and curtain rods.

in a matter
of days

Prospective tenants who do not have furniture or do not want to furnish their own apartments can leverage Nickson's on-demand furnishing solution to transform any unit into a fully furnished unit in a matter of days. This completely eliminates the need for the property to stock pre-furnished units and reduce your available inventory.

Reduce furnishing costs